Du Pu’s Resume

Dupu, majored in oil painting, post graduated from Nanjing Arts Institute in 1997. He studied under the famous painter, Professor Shen Xinggong, Professor Su Tianci, as well as Professor Zhang Huaqing.

Touring Australia as a student in 2002, he held an oil painting exhibition at Perth. Now

living in Suzhou, he is making a great effort to the nationalization of the oil painting. On Oct.8 2007, he opened the "Peony Pavilion" painting exhibition at Beijing National Theater. On Oct.28 the same year, he was invited by the Chinese Culture Center on the "scenery all - Peony Pavilion" Dupu’s oil painting exhibition at Dusseldorf, Beiheerte four cities in German. He gave a "China freehand brushwork paintings" lecture at Confucius Institute in Germany and made a deep influence abroad.

Dupu participated in the work of the China National small paintings exhibition in 2001, 2006, 2007, the "Third National Oil Show" and other important art exhibitions at home and abroad. He awarded the "oil painting exhibition in Jiangsu Province" (Biennial) Excellence Award (the highest award)( in 2001, 2003, 2005). He was chosen to be No. 28 United Nations General Assembly session of the World Heritage-only special exhibition of paintings, China's World Cultural and Natural Heritage professional painter. In general, Dupu’s oil painting represents the Realism foundation of Western as well as the traditional imagism of China.