Du Pu explores emotional expression as well as portray of objects in his oil paintings. He tries to combine these two aspects and hopes each stroke can bear the double function of portraying the objects and expressing his emotion. Besides, he also wants to realize the friendly and credible vision and decisive and apropos spiritual expression with his paintbrush. The main point lies in the proper control between these two aspects, between the resemblance and not resemblance and between object and another object. It is also the beauty and difficulty of painting. However, there is not only Du Pu himself exploring it, many authorities and famous experts have brought forth a way since immemorial and for our later generation, a lot of difficulties have been overcome to inherit and improve it. Compared to those who blindly express their emotions or those who simply portray the object, Du Pu is a compound oil painter with heavier pursuit. I believe it is this kind of heavier pursuit that can sustain him to carry forward the tradition and break a new path.


Professor Dai Shihe

Dean of the Institute of Fine Art in China Central Academy of Fine Arts

May 4th, 2003



Du Pu paints pretty fast. His paintings always keep a sense of flowing brought by the speed. The shading of colors is proper, straightforward and casual. His strokes are freer, just like sailing clouds and flowing water. The lingering charm of wash painting freehand brushwork can be sensed from the paintings full of greasepaint. Perhaps it is just the thing that Du Pu seeks assiduously.


From the paintings of Du Pu, we can see he has reached a rather high level in successively applying the drawing form language, that is, he is intelligent enough to continue his painting and create good works with confidence.


——Shen Xinggong, managing director of China Oil Painting Institute

 professor in Nanjing Arts Institute



Du Pu’s paintings are a kind of freehand brushwork which stresses emotional expression and internal feelings description. He pays attention to observation and experience, but not stick to faithful portray of the objects. Du Pu paints what he is familiar with and expresses real emotion. His free and successive application of strokes and colors on canvas create many artistic charm works. To freely and casually paint meaningful paintings is not so easy. It asks for competent drawing of painters as well as intelligence, talent and savvy in painting. I believe Du Pu to be intelligent, talented and bright painter and I hope he can keep marching forward to create more good works for people.


Professor Shao Dazhen 

Doctoral supervisor in China Central Academy of Fine Arts



There is always a sense of freehand brushwork of Chinese painting in Du Pu’s paintings. The lines always play an important role. We can sense the free and forceful painting process of the painter from all the links and color blocks. The visual pursuit of this process always makes people less care about the forms. His quadrate color block and plane configuration will remind audience of P. Cezanne, but in my opinion, all his starting point and purpose refer to traditional visual experience of easterner.


Shao Yan

Doctor of Art History Department in China Central Academy of Fine Arts

Abstracted from “Taste of Algae” ——Boat series




The paintings of Du Pu gave the distinct impression on people of their lyricism and melody sense. They mainly results from the strong expressive consciousness and pursuit of formal beauty. The painter does not like the fun of faithful portray of the object, but follows his own feelings. He looks for, discovers and tailors the object with the ways of exaggeration, deformation, enhancement, weakening, displacement and reconstruction, etc and tries to convert the natural image to painter’s ideal artistic image after the process of distillation.

While using painting knife and painting colors, the painter likes to express a sense of national art in his paintings.


Professor Ding Tao, famous fine arts reviewer,

Abstracted from “Du Pu’s Complex toward Oil Paintings” Jiangsu Illustrated 99.12



Many modern schools, such as classic school and impressionism, integrated like mixture in the oil paintings of Du Pu. His works are so straight and simple that there is no deliberate artificialness, just like Chinese literati painting which is direct and casual. His works call forth great interest from audience, just like tasting a bottle of fresh juice without rich sweet.


Zhou Jumin (President of Suzhou Academy of Traditional Chinese Painting)



Du Pu’s paintings to me just like the verses written for music or the music of a mountain stream. They are so fine and deep that they stretch into the distance that we could not reach in this large world.


——Professor Chen Chuanxi, doctoral supervisor in Renmin University of China



Unrestrained strokes and showy color blocks help to appreciate the charm of landscape gardens in south China;

Bold expression of human body and free-flowing lines help to sense the loveable The Peony Pavilion;

The series manifests the exploration of personalized style of modern oil painting.


——reading and analyzing of The Peony Pavilion·Records series by Du Pu

Professor Zhou Huabin, Doctoral supervisor in Communication University of China

Oct. 29th, 2007




Du Pu is good at true and free expression by his discretionary and unrestrictive strokes and extensive but holistic overall relationship.

In 2001


His paintings are so vigorous that we see a vista of limitless promise.

In 2003


In this new historical period of flouring art, young but excellent artists have made a brilliant figure like bamboo shoots. In this group, Du Pu has made rapid progress, felt free to create his paintings and kept his strong enterprising spirit. We can see a bright future of him.

In 2006

Professor Su Tianci, consultant of China Oil Painting Institute